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The biggest thing a guy can learn is to be present.

That means actively listening, that means being consistent, and that means being engaged.

That doesn't mean owning the conversation, it is about looking and seeing what the environment is saying.

I remember overhearing (by pure luck) two women talking, they thought I was passed out. They were talking about who they had sex with and who was better etc. It was funny because some of the guys they were talking about were on a college football team and were my friends.

I heard really? Alan? I will remember this to I die. He was laser focused on me and he kept me there and didn't stop, it was undescribable.

What I had done for the woman? I didn't orgasm as she passed out and I can't have sex with someone that doesn't consent. I edged the hell out of her and kept her right on that orgasm edge until my jaw hurt and my hand cramped.

It was so fucking beautiful, I didn't mind not getting mine. I will say that semester was an amazing semester with a certain soriority house ... :)

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